Greetings fellow adventurers! My name is Nate, and I draw maps. When I draw, I explore existing fantastical worlds, create new ones, and uncover exciting stories of adventure and intrigue. These maps take me back to the days of musty-smelling fantasy novels from the used book store, and the old cloth maps that came with computer role-playing games. Nowadays, fantasy maps help me and my friends tell stories around the gaming table, with character sheets and funny-looking dice. Whatever your reason for being here, sometime in the near future I hope you’re able to experience the joy of getting lost in a map!

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When I’m not laboring over a map or learning new techniques I spend much of my time producing videos for my YouTube channel, WASD20,  trying to keep up with my wife and 3 kids, or inspiring young minds with the record of the past.



See information on the Sellsword Summer Mapping Contest 2016 over here.